Family Law

You can ask about your rights and liabilities in Family Law. We will attempt to provide you a complete legal advice according to the statutes and latest case law.

Dealing with a Family law matter situation could effect your future very seriously, therefore, a timely advice can help you to take better decisions. The Family Law advice includes from Statutes and case Law, such as ;

​Statutes ;

Marriage and Civil Partnership 2004

The Family Law Act 1996

Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006

Children Act 1989

Children Act 2004

Children and Adoption Act 2006

Children and Young person Act 2008

Child Support Act 1991  and  Other Relevant Statutes

Cases ;

PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CONTACT: Re W (Parental Responsibility Order: Inter-relationship with Direct Contact) Court of Appeal, Thorpe, McFarlane, Davis LJJ, 20 February 2013​


CARE PROCEEDINGS: RE O-C (INTERIM CARE ORDER: JURISDICTION) Court of Appeal, Thorpe, Moses, McFarlane LJJ, 14 February 2013​


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